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Lemon Berry Gateau

Celebrate summer with this rich and creamy gateau

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Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars

Delicious bite-sized cheesecakes

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Mont Blanc

Try this Japanese chestnut cream cake

So I’ve been following this community for months, trying to get the courage to join and post. I’m a bit nervous because I’m certainly no expert. I enjoy baking, but most of what I’ve done is based on mixes. But since I’ve spent what feels like the entirety of December making cookies and candy for gifts, I thought I’d share.

I’ve baked like 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies from ready-made dough. I will be doing another 10 dozen or so of what I call ‘the good kind’ for gifts for my parents. I’ve made about 120 shortbread cookies, and I spent two afternoons/evenings making candy mints. It’s the last two recipes I thought I’d share.

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Gluten-free pink-white cookies

pushing daisies
Posted on 12/18/2014 by kueken23
Traditionally, these cookies are called "Black and white cookies" (Schwarz-Weiß-Gebäck in German) and as the title says, are a mixture of black and white cookie dough. This time round, I've tried something new: Pink and white cookies. For even more info and photos, you can have a look here


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Mushroom and Potato Casserole

Marina Gavrylyuk - September 2014
Posted on 12/12/2014 by realtormarina
Comfort food for the cold ugly winter weather - will keep your tummy warm and your face smiling!
Mushroom Casserole
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Other Great Recipes - check my Blog: realtormarina

Trakool Yodsuk aka Chef Korn, Chef of the Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion Restaurant: "I would really like to see more people found out the original authentic Thai cuisine. I even wrote a book Thai @ Home Cook for everyone to be able to cook Thai dishes — so it isn’t difficult. Do it at home, even without the books, because you have the Internet with a bunch of recipes! Come on google right now, I believe in you.

It was difficult to choose one dish, but on the tasty photo Foie gras custard with crispy shallot. It’s royal Thai dessert, very ancient".

Sooooo . . . I've heard a million times that gingerbread and lemon is a perfect flavor combination, but I didn't really believe it until I was eating a gingerbread slice at Starbucks one day and tasted the lemon note. REVELATION. I will never eat gingerbread without lemon again. (BTW, if you know how I am at detecting "flavor notes" in wine, you will realize this incident was a miracle.)

This gooey butter cake is my favorite thing I've made recently. The gingerbread flavor is Christmassy and delicious, and the pile of crisp, tart lemon ice cream is the perfect complement. Be sure to grab some really amazing lemon ice cream somewhere, because it definitely makes a difference. I used GaGa Lemon.

By the way, I'm on the Plugra Butter Brigade again this year! Woohoo! So this recipe was developed for them.

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To discuss whether you're the stellar-gift-giver or terrible-gift-giver of your family (no shame), give me gift ideas, and see more photos, please head over to Willow Bird Baking!

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Being a coeliac (or in my case wheat-intolerant) does not mean you have to say goodbye to baking. This is a quick and easy recipe the zucchini replacing some of the chocolate makes it a bit healthier than your normal brownies. For even more info and photos, you can have a look here


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Personal - (Quotes) famiglia
Posted on 12/04/2014 by redwingprincess
So every Thanksgiving it falls to me to make our main dessert. My aunt usually brings a pie or two and then we switch off for Christmas.

So this year I had an idea to do a Neapolitan cake after seeing a tutorial on youtube on how to make a checkerboard one. I wasn't sure if I was going to do the checkerboard effect or not until I was actually staring at the baked cakes and decided what the hey!

For anyone who thinks this is difficult (I used to be one of them) it couldn't be easier and the look on my family's faces when I cut into the cake was priceless.

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If anyone would like the link to the tutorial I used let me know. This baker has made some amazing cakes!

Edit! Here is the link to her website with the post. She has a step by step tutorial video linked there.
I recently got a chance to visit ALDI headquarters near Chicago. I've written a couple of posts on the experience, and this one involves how brands create a "screen of expectation" in you that makes you more likely to enjoy (and therefore buy!) their product. This doesn't bother me, but I do like for it to be transparent. I also don't always want to pay for it -- ALDI strips some of that away and thereby strips costs. Pretty cool. I'm new to ALDI, but it has sort of a cult following if my readers are any indication! Do you guys shop there?

I also made you these Gingerbread Cookie Cups with Orange Cream. They start with rich, spicy gingerbread cups that are gooey on the inside. Light and sweet orange cream is piped over top. They are incredible!

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To read about my trip to ALDI headquarters, learn about how your "screen of expectation" affects what you buy, and see more photos, please head over to Willow Bird Baking!

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Ugh, I'm getting behind again! This is simply the best mashed potato recipe ever. And yes, I've tried Pioneer Woman's epic mashed potato recipe, so that's saying something. Brown butter just does WILD things to potatoes that you really must experience.

I missed posting this for you before Thanksgiving, but it'll be perfect on a Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Monday dinner table as well :)

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To read about why ice packs are middle school kids' love language and see more potato photos, please head over to Willow Bird Baking!

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Chocolate cake

Posted on 11/29/2014 by agirlnamedkiki

Chocolate cake for desert after dinner!! :) yum .

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