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Posted on 04/30/2012 by presqueparfait
Hello :)

Someone at work has asked me to make a dairy, egg and gluten-free chocolate cake for her son who has severe allergies.

Does anyone have any foolproof recipes they can recommend? I know it's quite specific but I also know that you guys are usually pretty good at this kind of thing!

Thanks in advance :)
gunshotbeauty 30th-Apr-2012 11:53 am (UTC)
google vegan cupcakes take over the world and use one of their chocolate ones and replace the flour to a gluten free one.
browngirl 30th-Apr-2012 01:05 pm (UTC)
Excellent advice. (Which I was just about to offer. :)

A note: reduce the liquid by a couple tablespoons (the gluten free flour generally doesn't soak up as much liquid as wheat flour).
caketwins 2nd-May-2012 03:44 am (UTC)
agreed! my old roommate is vegan and one of our other best friends is gf, so we would regularly use that cookbook and just use gf flour :) always turned out well. and their chocolate frosting recipe is amazing!
greenwick 30th-Apr-2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
It's not from scratch, but I always use cherrybrook gluten free yellow cake with some cocoa powder added. I would offer a recipe to try, but you want fail proof, and in my experience gluten free recipes take several attempts to tweak and get right. Cocoa powder generally doesn't have any milk in it, and it is much less expensive than dairy free/gluten free chocolate chips.

For frosting, I use Earth Balance margerine in place of the butter, and I add a bit of hazelnut milk instead of cow milk. Then I slowly mix in some powdered sugar until it becomes a creamy frosting that will hold up to being decorated with. If I want a chocolate frosting, I add cocoa powder.

If you want to put chocolate chips in it, try "Enjoy Life"; they have mini-chips, regular, or mega chunks (mini rectangular bars). They are dairy free, but they taste just like any other chocolate. I like to make a ganache with it by adding a little bit of hazelnut milk, then melting it in a double broiler.

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beth82 30th-Apr-2012 02:31 pm (UTC)
If you're willing to use a mix, I really like the Bob's Red Mill gluten free chocolate cake mix. It can be made without dairy or eggs and still turns out delicious.
metasynthesthia 2nd-May-2012 05:15 am (UTC)
I'd make a Wacky Cake and swap the flour for something gluten friendly!

It's completely dairy-free. :)

Here's a good recipe :

And then today I saw this recipe! Must be kismet! :

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