brownie fail

Posted on 06/11/2012 by merlynspen
I've made this recipe twice:

because frankly, I think they look like my absolutely ideal brownie. Ridiculously rich, ridiculously fudgy and gooey, not cakey at all.

And both times, it has failed.
Not so much that they're inedible, they're still decent. But certainly not amazing, and, dare I say, not even as good as the Ghiradelli boxed brownie mix. (Which, for a box mix, is pretty good.) They're still kind of cakey. I thought 4 eggs seemed like a bit much for a fudgy brownie, but I went with it.

The majority of the comments are about how awesome the recipe is, but there are a handful that had the same experience I did. The batter was not remotely pourable, it was really more of a dough. etc.

The first time, I just figured I did something wrong in my carelessness, or had some old ingredients, or something. So the second time, I was hyper-aware of everything. I even used my candy thermometer (recently verified as temp-accurate) to check the temp of the sugar/butter. (The King Arthur site, where it comes from, lists the suggested temps.) I was way more particular than I ever usually am about careful measuring. I spooned the flour into the measuring cups like I'm supposed to (as opposed to normally, when I lazily scoop it out with the measuring cup!) and I used new cocoa, new flour, all new ingredients. It was marginally more pourable, but not crazily so. I timed it for less time than needed (and I bake a lot, so I'm pretty familiar with my oven's temp and quirks, etc.) and it seemed like it should be okay, but once they started cooling, they got a bit cakier and drier and just generally was a disappointment.

Anyone tried this recipe and had this experience, or more importantly, anyone know what could be going on here? I'd love brownies like the ones pictured. (Which, it should be noted, also look fudgier and denser than the ones on the King Arthur site, so I was kind of wondering if the blogger changed something and forgot to note it, like less eggs.)

I'm almost tempted to try it again with only 2 eggs, but I really don't want to keep wasting the ingredients on just "eh" brownies.
etantvert 12th-Jun-2012 05:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks -- I was on my phone at the time. I agree, they do get even better overnight.
pakaboori 12th-Jun-2012 05:35 pm (UTC)
Hah, that recipe is too good not to share :)
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