Fondant Flowers

Posted on 11/26/2012 by urb_banal
G.D."s b"day91 032  This is a picture of the cake I decorated using premade fondant and shape cutters.  The cake itself was gluten free from a mix but I'm nt really happy with it. Most of the people who tasted it at my mother's 91st birthday party gave it only a six out of ten. (They liked the flowers though!)

Does anyone have a reasonably simple gulten free recipe?  I have a great carrot cake recipe that I am going to use for my daughter's wedding cake but I have yet to find an alternate to offer the guests who can not eat wheat.

Some things I Iearned about fondant:
  • You have to let the air harden the shapes before you do too much manipulating. 
  • Regular icing works as the glue.
  • Remember to remove the paper stamen before serving!

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