We're doing a super-cheap 'Secret Santa' thing at work for only £2 and rather than buying something silly (which I'm guessing most people will as £2 really isn't much to go on...$3.20!) I thought perhaps I could do something like this with a layered homemade cake mix in a jar, ready for eggs/oil/etc to be added (as I already have all the ingredients lying around I'd just need to buy a nice jar and some ribbon). I'd love to know if anyone has any tried and tested suggestions for what recipe I could use for a homemade 'cake mix'! I'm hesitant to use any of my standard cookie/cake recipes because most of them involve creaming butter & sugar together first, etc, rather than just chucking it all in together, and I don't really have time to do a test run beforehand. Unfortunately I don't know who my gift will go to - we all just pick one out of the sack - but as far as I'm aware no one in my office has any life-threatening allergies to nuts or anything, so pretty much anything is possible.

Low-carb suggestions would be a bonus, as the person I have for another Secret Santa (I need to stop agreeing to take part in Secret Santas, haha) is pretty strictly low-carb and I thought it might be nice to make her a nice treat too.
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