Saffron Cookies

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Posted on 12/10/2012 by amles80
In Sweden, it’s tradition to eat saffron buns (“Lucia buns”) in December, and especially on the 13th. Saffron is also used in many other cakes and desserts, especially in Christmas time. This time, I felt like trying something different, so I decided to make saffron cookies instead.

I didn’t have a recipe so I tried to invent one (everybody likes to experiment, right?!) and failed miserably. Next time I googled first, so I can’t take the credit for inventing these cookies, but they deserve to be baked by everybody! Enjoy! :)


100 grams butter
I dl (0.45 cup) sugar
0.5 gram saffron
2 tbs light syrup
2 to 2.5 dl flour (1 cup or a little more)
½ tsp baking soda
Warm water

(Decilitre to US cup conversion according to this site; conversion to other units available.)

1. Let the butter become soft in room temperature. Pound the saffron in a mortar with a little bit of sugar and add a few drops of warm water to dissolve it.
2. Mix the baking soda with the flour.
3. Mix butter and sugar until it becomes smooth and fluffy. Add saffron and syrup.
4. Add the flour, as much as needed to make the dough good to work with (2 decilitres was enough for me).
5. Make three rolls of the dough on a baking plate, flatten them slightly.
6. Bake in 175 degrees Celsius (374 Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.
7. Cut cookies while still warm.

This recipe is based on the classic syrup cookies, but made extra Christmas-y with the saffron. Mine are delicious, golden, thin and a little bit chewy! :D
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