Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone can help me. We are doing a secret santa among my friends and I was all set to make truffles. You know, the kind where you crush up the biscuits, add the butter and condensed milk etc etc. However, the girl I am doing it for has now told me she is going dairy and gluten free (so glad I found this out otherwise I would have given her something she cant eat!) So I still want to bake something for her and was thinking about gluten and dairy free gingerbread men or somehow trying to make the truffles dairy and gluten free, although I dont know how I could replace the condensed milk. Does anyone have any recipes they have actually tried and know are delicious? I've done a bit of a google search but I dont want to make something and then have it taste awful.

P.S I made the gingerbread house and it tasted delicious but didnt look too amazing, hence no photos haha but my boyfriend wants to make another one with me (Boyfriend in the kitchen is unheard of so I am amazed at this haha!) The first one was my practice attempt :)

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