Can you believe Christmas is almost upon us? Are you guys feeling prepared? I'm not! I've been preparing since November and I still can't believe Christmas is just around the corner.



I've been doing lots of festive baking now that I find myself with some free time for the first time in 2 years. Over at the blog I've been running a 12 Days of Christmas series. I'm conscious of spamming the comm by posting all 12 posts separate, so I'm going to post them in bunches of 4 instead. Here's the first batch:

4 Poinsettia Chocolate Ripple Jocondes

These are mini versions of my Triple Chocolate Ripple Joconde with a festive twist.

The joconde is made using a peppermint décor paste this time, rather than chocolate. Inside is a chocolate ripple cake with peppermint infused cream, topped with dark chocolate mousse and a dark chocolate ganache. That's all topped with poinsettias made from coloured white chocolate.


3 Candle Cakes

These cakes are made from white chocolate mud cake, wrapped in fondant and drizzled with white chocolate ganache. I'm gonna say straight up forget about making candles and just make the white chocolate mudcake. Seriously just bake it and take it out of your oven and sit there on the kitchen floor with a spoon and eat this cake because there's no time for anything else. We were so shocked at how amazing this recipe was that we wanted to devour the whole thing right then and there. If not for dedication to the blog series, we probably would have, too!


2 Macarons

My first time making macarons! First time eating them as well. I finally got over the fear that had been instilled in me by horror stories and tackled this crazy beast of doom. Only to find out that it's more of a kitten. They're super easy.

Both are plain almond macarons. Red ones are filled with peppermint tea-infused white chocolate ganache, white ones are filled with cranberry, raspberry and strawberry tea-infused white chocolate ganache.

Being Christmas and all, I had to go for a tower:


And a Christmas Cookie Tree

The cookie tree is a bit of a tradition in my house now. It's basically sugar cookies, topped with royal icing and dessicated coconut. Every year I look for a way to dress it up. This year I made it green. And miniature. And gave it some baubles.


Phew. Alright. See you guys in a few with the next lot.

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