I really love peppermint and it's one of the few flavors that my husband and I can agree on. We're a trans-Atlantic couple (I'm American, he's British) and we have such different tastes in desserts it's rare that we agree on anything.

A few years ago I was home in the US visiting and came across Candy Cane Kisses, red and white striped peppermint flavored Hershey's Kisses. One of the things I loved about moving to Europe was dumping Hershey's for other, richer chocolate, but I couldn't resist how cute they were. I was sure that you could do a version of the peanut butter cookie with a kiss in it that I'd seen for years, and I bought SO MANY packs of the kisses and hauled them back with me.

I was right, Hershey's even had a recipe on their website. I dove right in.


I rolled mine in red and white sugar crystals instead of the solid color suggested (mainly because that's what my local bake shop had - supplies are harder to get in the UK). They're delicious straight out of the oven. When eaten later, we like to microwave them for a short burst to re-melt the kiss - they're best when it's gooey.

IF I can make any at all because my husband likes to eat the dough.

My mother saw that I'd made these and came across some red and white PEPPERMINT flavored sugar crystals in the US and threw them in my Christmas box this year. I was pretty excited to combine them with this, but when I opened them and gave them a taste they had a completely different peppermint flavor and I thought they'd clash with the kisses.

So instead I made another batch of the same dough and rolled much smaller balls, then rolled them in the peppermint sugar.


When I first took them out of the oven, I thought these were a flop. The peppermint flavor was weak, nearly undetectable. I was not impressed, but packaged them up to at least take photos of them. Then my husband snuck one cold and started raving about them - I took a taste and he was right - once they'd sat for a while the peppermint from the sugar really started seeping into the cookies and they're pretty strong and flavorful.

I microwave them for just a short while to take off the cool edge and eat them. Delicious! They've both been flying out of the tin - neither one of us can keep our hands off them, which makes them both a definite holiday hit in this household!

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