To chime in with the rest: happy holidays, you lovely folks!

I know I've posted some photos for these magnificent cookies (known in my household as "Christmas 'Crack'-ers") before, but I've made it so many times this season to meet growing demands that I thought it'd be worth posting pictures from my most recent encounter with them.

That, and oh, you know, I got a spanking new DSLR camera for Christmas this year.

Wait, what?


Saltine Toffee "Crack"-ers 7 (12.29

I know, I just about swooned when I opened up the package, too!

I haven't LJ-cutted to the recipe since it's a bit of a repeat. There's a link to the photos and recipe for these cookies here n here--hope you get a chance to check these bad babies out, because they'll change the way your cookie platter looks for all your holidays to come! I'm excited to see what all of you think!
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