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Posted on 02/13/2013 by gaia_kiari

Hello! Long time watcher, first time poster here. I hope I'm allowed to ask this :)

What sort of equipment would you recommend a beginner to have in their kitchen?
I mean things like bowls, measuring materials and baking pans/trays etc. Everything! xD

I get very confused very easily (when it comes to cooking - being scared I've not measured properly and knowing when something is actually cooked are my weaknesses) and I still want to learn how to cook, and bake some of the delicious things I've been reading about on here!
I like to be sure I've got everything I need before I get started, I am very bad for starting a process and then realising I'm missing a critical part (like when I tried to make cookies - greaseproof paper!).

So please, any hints, tips on good equipment and advice on being a beginner would be very much appreciated :) I only have a small kitchen at the moment, though my boyfriend's mum doesn't mind me using hers. She says it's safer for me to try there as I have some physical/mental health problems - she can help me out if I get properly stuck or am about to burn/destroy something by accident ^^;

Thanks very much :) Also I have no idea what to tag this post as, so I haven't tagged it as anything...

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