Hi everyone!

It's my second recipe request, and I still haven't posted anything else here. I'm sorry, translating my (Finnish) recipes seems so hard...

Anyway. My boyfriend asked me to bake "something good" he could take to his co-workers on his birthday. As my boyfriend loves blueberry pie, I thought I'd make sweet blueberry muffins. But I want them to have a twist, because it's his birthday and all. So, I faintly remember hearing somewhere, that cloves and cinnamon go well with blueberries, but google wouldn't prove me right nor wrong. Also, I have no idea how much of said spices would be okay for, say, 20 muffins.

So, do you guys know, if cinnamon and cloves go well with blueberries?
What would be a good ratio for the spices?
Are there any other spices you know would be perfect for blueberry muffins? Maybe a perfect recipe, even?


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