Alternatives to sugar?

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Posted on 02/19/2013 by gaia_kiari

Hello again, and thankyou all for your awesome input in my last post :)

Now, I've got a tricky question (or at least, tricky for me) - what can you use as an alternative to sugar in your baking/cooking?
I admit I have a serious addiction to sugar, and I'm working on kicking that habit - it's really not helping my weight, and my disabilities (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome among other things, so my joints are almost always hurting).

I would still, however, love to learn how to bake tasty things without needing sugar (and no artificial sweeteners, please - I'm pretty sensitive to them with other health problems >.>;). I know that will probably restrict the things I can bake a lot, but if anyone has any recipes I'd love to try them out!
I bought myself a hand mixer, and I have a blender (which I'm making smoothies with!) and a couple of bowls so I'm on my way in little steps to getting baking :)

Thanks very much for your advice, oh-bakery-goddesses (and gods!)

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