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Lemon Berry Gateau

Celebrate summer with this rich and creamy gateau

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Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars

Delicious bite-sized cheesecakes

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Mont Blanc

Try this Japanese chestnut cream cake

These are typical German Christmas cookies and no matter how often I make them, they will never not be delicious.

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If you want to see more pictures, learn more about the cookies or my 12 Days of Cookies project, please visit my BLOG!
I made these for Chanukah dinner on Thursday, but these are really perfect for any kind of cookie cutting and decorating.

The idea of using and making royal icing was pretty intimidating, but I'm not sure what I was so scared of. While there's definitely some room for improvement, it was way easier than I thought it would be!

Also, and much more importantly, my family loved these cookies. I hope you make them and I hope your family loves them just as much!

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For more on my adventures with royal icing and to find out about my new job, I'd love it if you visited Elfie's Edibles!
Halloween is coming! Please share your creepiest fun recipes.

Here is mine, adapted from a recipe I found online (possibly Martha Stewart? not sure). I'm not an expert baker so I'm sure most of you could make a much more realistic version of these:

severed fingers

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I really love peppermint and it's one of the few flavors that my husband and I can agree on. We're a trans-Atlantic couple (I'm American, he's British) and we have such different tastes in desserts it's rare that we agree on anything.

A few years ago I was home in the US visiting and came across Candy Cane Kisses, red and white striped peppermint flavored Hershey's Kisses. One of the things I loved about moving to Europe was dumping Hershey's for other, richer chocolate, but I couldn't resist how cute they were. I was sure that you could do a version of the peanut butter cookie with a kiss in it that I'd seen for years, and I bought SO MANY packs of the kisses and hauled them back with me.

I was right, Hershey's even had a recipe on their website. I dove right in.


I rolled mine in red and white sugar crystals instead of the solid color suggested (mainly because that's what my local bake shop had - supplies are harder to get in the UK). They're delicious straight out of the oven. When eaten later, we like to microwave them for a short burst to re-melt the kiss - they're best when it's gooey.

IF I can make any at all because my husband likes to eat the dough.

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Peppermint Quinwhaaa? Yes, I did.

r&j 009

So, I found this recipe and thought, "Huh, sounds like Russian Tea Cakes, but weirdly filled with peppermint." And that's pretty much what they are.

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Because I used the whole wheat flour, quinoa (none of the natural oil pecans would bring) and margarine, my dough came out a tad crumbly and hard to work with. I also somehow ended up with a large amount of the filling leftover, so since mine came out ugly, I decided to frost them and dust with the powdered candy cane I had left. It also ups the peppermint flavor a bit.

You can see the filling kind of disappearedCollapse )

All in all a very interesting cookie. The quinoa adds a nice crunch and does have a nutty flavor of its own. It definitely is a Russian Tea Cake with peppermint, as you still get that wonderful melt-in-the-mouth butteriness of the cookie. I might actually have added peppermint extract in place of the vanilla if I'd had any, because even with the crushed candy cane, the peppermint flavor is subtle. I'd definitely experiment with these again.

ETA: The peppermint flavor really developed. These are pretty tasty, as odd as they sound.
A picture speaks a thousand words.

That picture is screaming things like, "ZOMG CUTE," and "OM NOM NOM."

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Originally posted here.
This is my first post here *waves*, and I'm hoping you brilliant people can help me.  I was recently baking with my 7-year-old cousin, and we discovered a recipe for "Chinese Fortune Cookies" in my Asian Cookbook. 

[WARNING: I would NOT try the recipe below]
The recipe called for: 3 egg whites; 1/2 cup (60 g / 2 oz) icing sugar, sifted; 45 g (1 1/2 oz) unsalted butter, melted; and 1/2 cup (60 g / 2 oz) plain flour.  Basically, you mixed it all up, spread a thin mixture in 3 inch (8 cm) circles on parchment paper, and baked them at 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) for 5 minutes.  While still hot, you pull them out of the oven, place your fortune inside and fold them up. 

Sounds fairly easy, but we encountered a few major problems:
1. They taste terrible.  We tried adding almond extract and orange flavoring to different batches, but they still tasted nothing like the fortune cookies we were used to. 
2. They just won't fold.  If you bake them at the correct time and temperature, then they crack on the outside and never properly harden once they cool.  We tried varying not only their thickness, but also the temperature and the time they stay in the oven.  Nothing worked.  They were either too squishy or broke when folded. 

My little cousin got really excited about making up her own fortunes for the cookies (or 'misfortunes' since it is so close to Halloween), and was really disappointed when we couldn't make it work.  Does anyone out there know of any recipe for fortune cookies that actually works and tastes good?  Any recipes, suggestions, or tips would be most appreciated!  ^_^

First Time Icing Cookies!

Posted on 10/09/2012 by ladyelysium
I'm a freshman at community college and I'm currently taking US Government. I've got a group presentation this weekend and I've been working my butt off so I can get an A in the class. I went ahead and made some "public opinion" cookies for the class to enjoy. This was my first time icing cookies, my first time using a piping bag, my first time using the 'flooding' technique and I even had to re-shape a heart cookie cutter to get the 'speech bubble' shape I was looking for. I've got a lot of practising to do before I'm as good as you lot here, but I'm pretty proud with what I accomplished and hope my professor appreciates the effort I've put into this group project.. Especially considering two of the people are absolutely useless and have contributed NOTHING so far and we've only got tomorrow to go before we need to present.


These are the cookies:

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To celebrate the vast amounts of baking all of us have to do at these times I bring you my favorite cut-out sugar cookie recipe! Not all sugar cookie recipes are the same at all. Some are too wet so when they bake up they spread and don’t hold their shape. Some are too dry and while they hold their shape beautifully taste like chalk when you try to eat them. This recipe is neither of those! It has a tiny bit more sugar than some cut-out recipes I have seen and it also has cream cheese in it. I have no idea what the cream cheese does but it totally makes a difference so don’t leave it out! I also like to add nutmeg to just about everything during the holidays so I threw some of that in there too. These cookies work great for Christmas and I also use them to make killer cookies for Easter. They are super yummy by themselves but also hold their shape great. They are the perfect blank canvas for decorating, so feel free to go crazy with the frosting! I also made a video for it so you can check that out if you like.

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For the full recipe, photos, and bunches of other fun things you can check out the post for these at my baking blog Perfect Cut-Out Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing
Originally posted by pinchofcinnamon at Lemon and caraway biscuits

Now when everybody is not as busy with halloween I can clearly see that it is not only me who is impatiently waiting for Christmas. My first Christmas cinnamon roll cookies this year were baked on October 1st and here comes the second batch. Every time I bake these lemon biscuits they surprise me once again with their depth and intensity. And almost everybody who tries them asks me for their recipe. Read more...
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