July 20th, 2010

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What to do with the buttermilk

*looks around* Mods, any chance we could start a "buttermilk" tag? I've got 3 cups of the stuff, left over from something else, and would like a recipe that uses up as much as possible. (So, no recipes that only use, like, 1/2 a cup; I'd like to use up 1-2 cups, at least!) Scones, cake, soda bread, whatever - lay it on me. If it also uses up zucchini, that would be bonus!

Also, does anyone know how long buttermilk is good for, once you've opened it?

TIA. :)

Shipping Cookies? Other baked goods?

So, I have this friend who just found out she's pregnant...And she seriously wants me to come bake her some cookies (She literally set the oven on fire TWICE while trying to bake...)

Problem is, I live too far away, and don't have a car, so just jollying up there for an afternoon is outta the question. So, I was thinking of shipping some to her-I've never shipped baked goods before, except to my friend in the military and he was a guy and would eat anything whether it looked pretty or not...I'd like these to look pretty, but I'm unsure what to use to pack them in. I was thinking of putting them in ziplock baggies, just for the sake of freshness, but I'd like to maybe wrap them in some cute tissue paper, or something...I got nothing. Zip. Nada. No ideas.

Also, are there certian types of baked goods that travel better than others, and what are some good ideas for snacks to pack with the cookies when I send them? I'd like to send something not-so-sugary for her boyfriend to eat as well (He's pretty much on a CONSTANT diet because he always feels fat...)

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