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caramel mud cupcakes

Caramel Mud Cakes (courtesy of an Australian Women's Weekly cook book)

prep + cook time: 45 min (+ cooling)
makes: 12

125g butter, chopped coarsely
100g white eating chocolate, chopped coarsely
2/3 cup (150g) firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup (90g) golden syrup
2/3 cup (160ml) milk
1 cup (150g) plain flour
1/3 cup (50g) self raising flour
1 egg
1/2 cup (80g) icing sugar

Preheat oven to 160C/140C fan forced. Line 12 hole muffin pan with paper cases.

Stire butter, chocolate, sugar, syrup and milk in a small saucepan over low heat until smooth. Transfer to medium bowl. Cool for 15 minutes.

Whisk sifted flours then egg into chocolate mixture. Divide mixture into cases.

Bake cakes about 30 minutes. Turn cakes, top side up, onto wire rack to cool.

Place doily, lace or stencil over cake, sift a little icing sugar over doily, then carefully lift doily from cake. Repeat with remaining cakes and icing sugar.

*As you can see, I was all out of doilies and lace. These are so simply, and quite delicious.

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