Clueless baking noob needs help please!

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Posted on 06/15/2011 by 13oct
Hi! I'm a baking novice who's kinda stuck for answers. I'm trying to make Spiderman cookies for my kid and brilliantly decided to cover sugar cookies with a layer of colored marzipan and then ice that when it dries. I call this my mad scientist last minute baking. *headdesk*

I haven't got the right red color on my marzipan yet, and I've already adhered that on to the cookies with jam. The color that I am using is Wilton's No-Taste Red. Can I dip the tip of a toothpick into the colour jar and just use my finger to spread more color on the marzipan? Will that be safe/ok for the kids? Instead of Spiderman red, all I've got so far is more pinkish ovals! Help - I'm so lost at stuff like this!!

Also - is there an easier way of doing this?!! Because struggling with marzipan and then coloring it and then sticking it to the cookies with jam is a pretty labor intensive way of doing things.

Thank you in advance for any sort of recommendations and advice!
doubletake 16th-Jun-2011 01:34 am (UTC)
I have painted milk mixed with food color on unbaked cookies, then baked them for a sort of colored exterior that's flat. Sometimes it cracks a bit during baking. Also, do not expect to be able to do any sort of detail with this technique, especially if you have cookies that puff/expand during baking.

It sounds like you're in the midst of making the cookies, so I don't know if that will be much help. To answer your question, yes, you can paint straight food color onto food and have it be safe. Be warned, though: with that much coloring you're liable to have dyed lips/face/hands/clothes/walls/tablecloth/towels/whatever it, not red, so at least it won't look like a murder took place, but it doesn't wash out of everything and I know for a fact that it can be quite difficult to get out of old formica countertops, so just be careful. Comet with Bleach works best, or Barman's Friend.

Personally, I would pull the marzipan off the cookies and reknead it with more food coloring. You'll use less than you would if you'd painted it on, and there's less of a staining hazard.
doubletake 16th-Jun-2011 01:40 am (UTC)
For future reference, other easier ways to get a Spiderman-red cookie that I can think of would be:
Royal icing or American-style buttercream frosting or even fondant will take dye better; even the finest ground marzipan still has bits of almond in it that will stay whitish.
Dye your cookie dough before you bake it. You may want to put a bit of dough aside to bake alongside the colored cookies, as a better gauge of doneness: red dough makes assessing 'golden brown' a little tricky. Make sure your 'indicator cookie' is the same size/thickness as your other cookies so it's more accurate.
Make a red glaze and dip the cookies in it.
Tell your kids that Spiderman is lame and introduce them to the Pink Power Ranger. :D
moldypotatochip 16th-Jun-2011 08:39 am (UTC)
Sorry I can't advise you about the Spiderman cookies (sounds awesome, though). I just wanted to say that your icon is amazing!!
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