So I'm New To Baking

Posted on 07/20/2012 by encircleme
I mean, I've dabbled and made some cookies, cakes and cupcakes here and there, but I'm really a culinary-not pastry-chef. To rectify my lack of baking skills I've been making a cake a week. Last week was a chocolate cake with a southern-style vanilla buttercream. Turns out, I hate southern-style buttercream since it really just tastes like creamed butter. Also, it turns out I suck at applying frosting and piping anything. Really, I'm awful.

Today I got a bit better with the frosting application! I made a white cake with a lemon Swiss Merengue Buttercream with a raspberry buttercream filling! I think my cake is adorable. Too bad I won't know how it tastes until late Saturday/early Sunday.

While I'm here, any tried and true tips for getting a level cake out of the oven? I already use the wilton bake strips you soak in water and wrap around the pans. Or tips on how to slice it level? Do you brush it with sugar syrup after you slice it?

It's not perfect but I'm getting better. Plus the consistency of this buttercream was way easier to work with than the first buttercream.
encircleme 21st-Jul-2012 07:14 pm (UTC)
Oh I like this since every cake I've ever tried to level via serrated knife ends up with a big lean to the left.
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