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J.H.Holliday, DDS

High Protein 3 x 3 Breakfast Bread - Pumpkin Edition!

Hey guys, long time no post!

I've been in sunny New Zealand for the past month, enjoying 'winter' in a civilized manner. I returned to Toronto last week and then flew out to Winnipeg for a two-day gig. Talk about climate adjustment!! As a result of hot-to-cold-to-super-cold, I naturally got sick. *snoof*. I've been so run down that I'm not interested in making any of my usual high-protein-egg breakfasts and I've been hankering for something warm and "comfort-food" like but without all of the extra calories. So, I decided to create a warm, slow-carb breakfast bread that would surely satisfy! It's a take on baked oatmeal and protein pancakes, using similar items but transforming them into a delicious, fluffy breakfast cake! I call it my 3x3 Breakfast Bread. Because I'm terrible at coming up with names for things.


I know it KINDA looks like baked oatmeal.. but TRUST ME. The consistency and texture is a lot different (and usually, I baked it in something different...but SOMEBODY didn't wash the loaf pan....) Don't believe me? Follow within!

recipe and more photos here!Collapse )
Tags: breakfast, cinnamon
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