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A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.

Flourless brownies (yes, GF!)

You guys, I have found brownie heaven.


And I say this as someone who comes from a long line of chocoholics, and has a couple of long-standing treasured brownie recipes already. But we recently moved in with my BIL/SIL, and my SIL has a Thing for Hershey's chocolate. She used to like their brownie mix but I guess they changed it so now she's been searching for a perfect fudgy Hershey's brownie. My BIL (who also bakes) tried a recipe out of a Hershey's cookbook we have, and it's okay, but I wanted to explore more. Also, I eat a low-gluten diet (mostly GF but I can cheat a little), so when I saw these flourless brownies, I thought that would be something to try. Guilt-free treats! Well, guilt-free as far as gluten goes. ;)

And man, do these deliver. The original recipe actually includes a ganache for the top, but I found these brownies to be perfectly decadent all on their own. Like I said, it was the Hershey's flavor I was after, so I used their "Special Dark" bars, but I would imagine these would be even more awesome with a higher-quality dark chocolate. But even so, my batter was just as glossy and rich-looking as it is in the website's photos. We're all having trouble not eating the entire pan tonight! *g*
Tags: brownies, chocolate, gluten-free
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