Gluten free bread dough

Google "Gluten free bread that doesn't suck" You will find this website

This is the best recipe I have found so far, if anyone has a better one please share!
So yesterday I made this and baked it in a 9X12 silicone cake pan then I cut it into hot dog and hamburger buns, it's the right thickness for this. square and rectangle shaped buns. Would also be good for sub sandwiches too.

Vegetarian chickpea flour pizza (gluten-free)

In some countries, you can now find gluten-free pizza bases in health shops or even supermarkets. They are great, but do you know what's even greater? Making your own gluten-free pizza from scratch. And it doesn't even take that long! This is a recipe for a vegetarian pizza using ground chickpea flour (also called garbanzo bean flour). Of course you can top your pizza with whatever you like, many different versions possible, so just go ahead and experiment! You can find the recipe and more photos here.

Vegetarian chickpea flour pizza (gluten-free) 2

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recommendations for a granola recipie?

Hi there,

Granola & breakfast sausages are probably the only two things I still don't make myself - and ... it should be easy to make granola, right?

I'm looking for recommendations for granola recipies, as well as any tips & trick. If (homemade) granola can be said to run on a spectrum from brickle-like on one end to shortbread-like on the other, my preference is for something shortbready.


New with a question

Hello! I am new here and I don't see a set of rules, so I hope this type of question post is ok.
I am trying to figure out how this bread is made:
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If there is anyone out there who might know a trick or two about this, I would be so incredibly grateful! :)
Suzy Homemaker

Strawberry jalapeno filled cupcakes

"Strawberry jalapeno - gross!" you say? I say, "Try it, you might like it." I was right there with you. I know it's not a new combination, but still one I faced with trepidation myself.

We're having a potluck tomorrow. Any reason to overeat, my office will take. Anyway, I was commissioned to make these, given two ingredients and a puppy dog look: strawberry puree and jalapeno lime vodka. Challenge accepted!

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I think the person who asked for these is going to want to run away to Vegas with me.
Usagi - Food OT3

Pound cake with 12 variations

After being a lurker here for years, I decided to share with everyone a delicious pound cake recipe, along with the 12 variations I used for my slices. I hope you enjoy!

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To read about what inspired this pound cake project, and for the variation recipes, please see my blog posts: part 1 (#1-4), part 2 (#5-8), and part 3 (#9-12).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a chance to enjoy the noms!