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A Baking Adventure for All!

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BakeBakeBake - A Baking Adventure for All!
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Baking for amateurs, professionals, and everyone in between.
Bake! Bake! Bake!
A baking adventure for all!
About Us
BakeBakeBake is a baking journal written by thousands of people from around the world. We are professionals, students, hobbyists, amateurs, and beginners, with only one thing in common: We love to bake. Something is always happening, with monthly themes, contests, and prizes, so join in the fun!
Theme Challenge
Every month there is a baking theme. It can be an ingredient to use, a type of food to make, or a region's cuisine to explore. Participation is optional. Have fun with it!

Our current theme is BROWNIES. Recipes are required. If you decide to participate, add the !theme post tag to your entry. You can submit more than one recipe for each contest, but make sure you put each submission in a separate post to make voting easier.

Themes are announced on the 1st of each month and the contest closes at the end of the month. At the end of each month there is a poll open for 5 days where you get to vote for our winner. The winner's post will be featured as "Bake of the Month" and on our user info page for the following month!

The winner of September's "Dutch" theme contest is mamapranayama's Dutch Banket.


Posting Guidelines
• Notice: We no longer accept posts that do not involve baking some part of the recipe in an oven. Posts made before this rule was enacted will not be deleted and will still be available in the tags. Future posts will be rejected. Post in cooking instead. We also do not accept things bought from a bakery or a supermarket - you have to bake it.

• Subject Lines: Enter a title for your entry, such as the name of the recipe, so it's easier to find in the archives.

• Tags: We make certain that every post in this community is tagged so you can browse thousands of posts by ingredients and types of recipes. If you copy your recipe into your post in the community, ensure that you tag your post with all the appropriate tags - for example, a recipe for carrot cake might be tagged with spice cake, cinnamon, ginger, dried fruit, nuts, and frostings and icings. If you post pictures but do not include the recipe, or link to the recipe on another website, tag your post with the !picture post tag and none of the recipe tags. If you are making a recipe request, your post should be tagged with !recipe request, plus any tags that fit what you're looking for. We would love for you to tag your own posts, but we'll do it for you if you aren't sure which ones to use. Go here to view all the tags you can use.

• Recipes: Please include them. Sharing is a vital part of this community. We ask that you take the time to type out your recipes under an lj-cut (here's how) for permanent archival here. But, if you choose to link to the recipe on your own journal or blog, link directly to the post that the recipe is in, not your main page. We are not here to increase your hits.

• External Links: We no longer accept posts that contain a single photo accompanied solely by a link to your food blog. Please make an effort to make your posts engaging, rather than a promotional hit-and-run. See this post for examples of what is permitted.

• Photographs: If you have more than 1 picture, the others must be put under an lj-cut. The picture above the cut can be no larger than 500x500. Use Photobucket (see here) or a free program like PhotoFiltre to resize your pictures and adjust color balance and brightness/contrast. Get some tips on food photography from these awesome bloggers: SmittenKitchen, VeganYumYum, and SimplyRecipes.

• Questions: We're currently working at posting a series of FAQ posts to address many of the baking questions users constantly ask. The entries are tagged with our !FAQ tag and are also in our community memories. Please search these threads for an answer to your question. In lieu of finding what you need, please post your questions in the relevant thread. Users are encouraged to track these posts to help answer new questions that arise in the comments.

While this is under way, you are encouraged to post your questions in our Official Baking Questions Thread. Be sure to check the tags and search the community first.

• Rejected Posts: If your post never shows up, check your email (the one LJ sends stuff to). We will have told you why it was rejected. Usually it's forgetting to use an lj-cut, or the Rich Text Editor messing up your code. Recipe requests may be rejected if there have already been a lot of requests for the same thing, or if it can be easily answered just by looking in the tags (for example, "I need a recipe for cupcakes.").

• Be nice to each other: Or you will be banned. Constructive criticism is by all means welcome. Rudeness is not. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Your Mods
rhiannon_666: approving posts, organizing contests
cdejonge: approving posts, tagging posts
On behalf of the Bake!Bake!Bake! community, a special thanks to berniebentablo for the site design and vertigo25 for coding it!



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